What is Ideata Analytics?

Ideata Analytics is a unified business intelligence platform that helps you prepare and analyze data at scale. Transform and visualize data with Ideata to help your organization view insights like never before.

Smart Data Discovery
Self Service Analytics
Visual Data Preparation
Built for Big Data

See Ideata Analytics in Action!

Visual data preparation

Clean and enrich your data without writing a single line of code

Connect your data of choice

Connect and import data easily from structured and semi-structured datasources

Self Service analytics

Perform exploratory analysis on your data with simplistic drag-n-drop analytics

Connect To Your Data Of Choice


Insights available across devices

Whether you are viewing your data on mobile or on an i-pad, your dashboard looks beautiful.
Ideata Analytics works everywhere. Start building your dashboard on any modern web browser your laptop, and see it on the go on your iPad or phone. See it as beautiful as you designed.

Ideata Analytics responsive tools

More Features

Simplistic User Interface

Easy ‘drag and drop’ interface


Powerful and efficient data processing


Scale up to petabytes of data

Dashboard Builder

Single view to see your reports

Connector Library

Choose from over 20 datasource connectors


End to end data analysis cycle

Drill Down

Drill down and across your data

Self Service Data Preparation

Auto suggestions to clean your data

Data Catalogs

Oragnize your data with tagging


Combine disparate data sources

Users and Roles

Manage user access with a click of button

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy on premise or in cloud

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Discover Ideata For Yourself

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