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Apache Spark – Comparing RDD, Dataframe and Dataset APIs

    At Ideata analytics we have been using Apache Spark since 2013 to build data pipelines. One reason why we love Apache Spark so much is the rich abstraction of its developer API to build complex data workflows and perform data analysis with minimal development effort. Spark 1.6, introduced datasets API, which provides type safety […]

Traditional Versus Self Service Data Preparation

Organizations are generating and collecting huge amount of data on a daily basis. These data sets are generated from numerous sources including website clickstream, sensor logs, Point of sales points etc. Analyzing these datasets can reveal insights that can improve business and operations by great lengths. However, most organizations are analyzing less than 20% of […]

Modernize your data warehouse to deal with big data

In today’s digital data landscape, we are generating and accumulating huge variety, volume, and velocity of data. This is a major success in terms of insights which we can derive from the data to assist decision making. However, many organizations are still facing challenges in implementing a standardised process to store, prepare and analyze these […]

Self Service Business Intelligence and Data Preparation tool for big data on AWS

  Enable interactive data exploration and visual analytics of disparate sources on AWS We are happy to announce that Ideata Analytics, a big data intelligence platform is now available on the AWS Marketplace. It provides a turn-key preconfigured analytics solution on the cloud. Connecting to various data sources, cleaning it and doing ad-hoc analysis to […]

The Modern Analytics Approach Marketers Should Use

In the digital marketing era, every marketer has access to systems and processes to provide them all the data related to their marketing spends and efforts. The challenge, however, is to derive actionable insights from this enormous amount of data. Challenges in getting to insights   The usual approach which they take is to hire more and more […]

How to visualize your sales data on a world map

  In this tutorial, we will quickly see how we can use Ideata analytics to quickly plot sales number on an interactive world map to get a detailed perspective of your sales by geography. Step 1- Connect to data We have sample sales data in our local MySQL database. In order to start visualizing our […]

Visualizing Modi Foreign Visits Data

Visualization of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign visits from the time he took charge as the Prime Minister of India. A simple quick activity of visualizing the data to come up with a dashboard summarizing all of Narendra Modi’s 35 foreign tours till Jan 2015 on Ideata Analytics Platform . We collected the information from […]

Visualizing YouTube Data in 5 easy steps

In this blog post, we will quickly upload, analyze and visualize the data of YouTube. The full analysis cycle will be performed using Ideata Analytics interface and will only take 10 minutes. This exercise will help you understand how easy and fast it is to analyze your datasets in apache spark a using Ideata Analytics. We […]

Acquisition to Retention

“Who cares if we find out we lost a customer after he/she left?” Using analytics to compete and innovate is a multi-dimensional issue. It ranges from simple (reporting) to complex (prediction). We are now in an era of man + machine interactions. There is a drift from “Serving customers with few channels” to “integrating multi-channels, […]