Ideata Case Management provides a flexible solution for collaborative business process management. Users manage, investigate, and track cases without leaving the Ideata investigative platform, as well as add new information through simple data entry forms and export follow-on reports in configurable templates. With the full universe of data available in a unified environment, users rapidly build out and resolve case-based workflows.


  • Enter, organize, and review all information, from free-text notes to photos and videos
  • Investigate a hypothesis without leaving Ideata
  • Auto-populate and generate required reports in organization-specific templates
  • Track metrics and status information surrounding cases and workloads
  • Collaborate with other users to share information and enable transparency
  • Review existing workloads across teams to assign and monitor cases


  • Unlike traditional case management applications, Ideata offers integrated and adaptive investigative capabilities to a wide spectrum of organizations. Users build out an isolated tip or lead by searching for related entities and events across all enterprise data using the fully integrated Simple Web Search application, which interfaces directly with the Ideata data repository and analytic platform to surface connections.A case frequently involves multiple contributors who perform a variety of functions, from assignment to adding information to approving progress. Ideata Case Management allows organizations to define user roles and responsibilities and to determine the sequence of steps required to execute tasks based on pre-existing workflows developed for similar organizations or designed from scratch. For example:
    • Escalation: A Level 1 cybersecurity analyst receives an alert that an attacker has breached the network. The analyst escalates the alert to a Level 2 analyst, who triages it to develop a remediation before the attacker can access sensitive information assets.
    • Review and Publish: A research analyst writes an unstructured report and submits to their supervisor for review. The supervisor edits the report and returns it to the analyst with comments. The analyst revises the report and resubmits it to the supervisor, who approves it.
  • Users can see and contribute to their peers’ work to enhance collaboration and transparency. Palantir’s security model protects data at a granular level, ensuring that users see only the information they are authorized to see. Supervisors can view, add to, and set access permissions for cases under their purview. With unified access to both investigations and case status, supervisors can assign tasks rapidly and effectively based on informed knowledge of their teams’ workloads. Ideata dashboards for statistics and metrics provide high-level stakeholders with real-time insight into their organization’s performance. Ideata Case Management condenses workflows and improves transparency to deliver value at every level of an organization.