Source, Process, Store and Serve your data, all in one place

Unified platform to collect, combine, clean and process your data to expedite your information discovery

Connect. Clean. Analyze. Visualize. Repeat.

Connect to your data of choice

Connect to your data sources be it traditional databases like Oracle, MS SQL Server, big data sources including Hadoop, Mongo DB, Cassandra or flat files like excel, csv. Making a connection to your existing source of data is as simple as picking your data store from the list and provide basic connection details and viola !

Clean your data using auto suggestive interface

User can perform data preparation using a visual data preparation interface instead of writing complex SQL. They can user our Point and click interface to cleanse, parse and transform raw data before analysis.

Data Analytics Made Easy

Perform data analysis by applying various transformation and joins and lookup by using point and click interface. Drill down and drill across your analysis to reach to hidden insights.

Let your data tell a story.

Stories are impactful in ways numbers alone never could be. Domo gives you the freedom to visualize your data the way you want, so you can tell the stories that will move your business forward.

Apply Advance Machine Learning Algorithm

Make machine learning as easy as drag-and-drop. Apply clustering and classification to your data

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