Ideata Analytics for Redshift

Bring all your data in to Redshift. No coding required.

Extract data from different datasources

Move your data from different sources into a common warehouse location. Ideata Analytics can source data from S3, RDS, Aurora as well as traditional SQL, NoSQL databases and files.

Transform and Clean it with Spark

Use easy to use, point and click interface to transform your data into a standard easy-to-analyze format. Perform data cleaning, remove null values or join data from different sources.

Analyze and Visualize it, Instantly

Instantly explore and any of your data Track all your key metrics, create dashboards and share it seamlessly, regardless of the size and complexity of the data, with nothing to setup or manage.

Load data into Redshift Warehouse

Ideata Analytics ETL pipeline uses Apache Spark to load your data in to Amazon Redshift in a massively parallel way ensuring optimal performance with your data growth far into the future.

ETL and BI on Redshift Simplified

  • 200X Faster Than Traditional ETL AND BI Tools
  • 10 Minutes Setup
  • Prices Starts As Low As $0.8 PER Hour

Ideata for Redshift version 1.4 is now available.

Load data from variety of datasources

Ideata can import data from different data sources directly in to Redshift using out of the box data source connectors with just few clicks. It can source data from Amazon S3, RDS, EMR, Aurora, relational databases, NoSQL databases, files and big data systems like hadoop

It connect with every major data platform so you get the info you need to make data-driven decisions.

Whether you have petabytes of application log files, tons of historical data in excel, or SQL and NoSQL databases, Ideata will be able to ingest it.

Redefine the way you do data cleaning

Get rid of traditional way of writing sql scripts or asking your IT team every time you want access and clean new data.

We let you explore and transform your data in a very intuitive way with browser based point and click visual data cleaning interface.Keep your data clean and ready for analysis always.

Experience up to 50% reduction in time and efforts with easy to use, scalable and fast transformations powered by Apache Spark.

Instant Redshift analysis and visualizations

Instantly visualize and analyze any of your data in Redshift. Track all your key metrics, create reports and dashboards and share it seamlessly, regardless of the size and complexity of the data, with nothing to setup or manage.
Powerful drill down and drill across capabilities let you explore your data, to the point of interest. The interactive dashboards talks to user at each point with useful cross filters.
Not only that, you can combine data from Redshift with data across your other NoSQL and structured sources using our multi-datasource join capabilities to provide a unified view of all your data.
Spend time analyzing data, not finding it.

More Features

  • Join and blend data across various datasources
  • Direct query execution in Redshift for visualizations
  • Interactive filters and drilldowns
  • Roll ups and aggregations

  • Prediction models and forecasting for any dataset
  • Incremental data pulls and warehouse updates
  • Cleaning and transformations
  • Email Dashboard PDFs and CSV data

  • Export data and reports in various supported formats
  • Role based access and user management
  • 20 different visualization options
  • Run imports and queries on a schedule

Data in Redshift? Bring it to life using our game-changing analytics platform.

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