The Modern Analytics Approach Marketers Should Use

In the digital marketing era, every marketer has access to systems and processes to provide them all the data related to their marketing spends and efforts. The challenge, however, is to derive actionable insights from this enormous amount of data.

Challenges in getting to insights


The usual approach which they take is to hire more and more data scientists and engineers which can provide them with the insights they are looking for. But, due to the shortage of time and skilled force, the overall cost, time and associated effort balloons up.

To get a holistic picture marketers should look into all available data sets like weblogs, call center transactions, online visitors clickstreams etc to better understand their customers and plan appropriate strategy. However integrating and leveraging these datasets in their analysis is a complex and time-consuming task and often requires technical expertise.


The modern approach



To make a scalable and cost effective process, organizations need to empower existing marketing workforce with a self service analytics tool.

These tools are designed in a way that even non techincal users can perform self service data analytics and discovery on their data themselves. These user-friendly and interactive tools provide easy to use drag and drop interface which enables marketers to reach to insights without writing any code. They can access the entire data and use it to make decisions. Self service analytical tools give marketers the much-needed flexibility and ability to define rules on the fly.

It helps them move away from the rigid processes and adapt to the changing market conditions and react faster to customer interests. They can spot trends, build correlations and identify anomalies.

As the owner and the knower of the overall marketing strategy, marketers are the best person to ask the right questions. They know the processes, domain and data, they know which KPI will work. Using these tools, they can quickly test their hypothesis and optimize their campaign with data driven facts in no time.


With a smart and well-designed analytics process, non-technical marketers can also quickly integrate and merge data from different data silos to build converged insights. This new breed of analytics tools will empower marketers to question data and detect patterns whenever they want at their fingertips.