Self Service Business Intelligence and Data Preparation tool for big data on AWS


Enable interactive data exploration and visual analytics of disparate sources on AWS

We are happy to announce that Ideata Analytics, a big data intelligence platform is now available on the AWS Marketplace. It provides a turn-key preconfigured analytics solution on the cloud. Connecting to various data sources, cleaning it and doing ad-hoc analysis to create insights and visualizations has never been easier and faster thanks to Ideata Analytics cloud based analytics platform.

You can get a free 15 day trial by visiting the AWS Marketplace or going directly to

It provides out of the box connectors to major AWS services. The extensive list of data connectors includes support for Amazon Redshift, AWS S3, AWS EMR, Amazon aurora. Apart from that it also supports connectors to various big data sources like Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, traditional RDBMS like mysql, oracle and mssql and files like csv,excel,json, xml and more.

This will really be useful for users who wants to leverage their existing AWS cloud infrastructure and want to combine it with the performance and scalability of a modern big data solution. It will be very simple to use, fully managed and invoiced through a single AWS account” said Pranjal Jain, founder of Ideata Analytics. “One can easily spin up an Ideata Analytics machine from marketplace and connect, clean and analyze their data kept in AWS sources or other external databases and files. It will help them jumpstart their analytics cycle within minutes on cloud

Ideata Analytics is built from ground up using latest big data technologies like apache spark, which it uses as its core processing engine. It empowers users to work with billions of data points and apply live transformation on it. The interactive and intuitive platform is designed for business users so that they can drag and drop data columns to build visualization and drill down and drill across datasets to reach to the point of interest.

The platform also speeds access, processing, and analysis of data on Amazon Redshift. It provides fast interactive analysis and data discovery capabilities to uncover hidden insights and a way for users to blend disparate data on the fly.

About Ideata, Inc.

Ideata Inc is committed to work with businesses to enable faster, better decision making using it’s end-to-end data analytics platform. Ideata Inc team includes veterans from banking and telecommunication industries with years of experience in big data, BI and analytics. The company has partnered with companies including Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, HP, IBM and AWS.

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