How to visualize your sales data on a world map


In this tutorial, we will quickly see how we can use Ideata analytics to quickly plot sales number on an interactive world map to get a detailed perspective of your sales by geography.

Step 1- Connect to data

We have sample sales data in our local MySQL database. In order to start visualizing our data, we will first connect to MySQL and import relevant tables.


Step 2- Enrich data with location specific details


Once the data is loaded the application will display a preview of the data. We can see that there are columns in the data which show us the store address. We will split the address column to extract city name and state.

In order to plot these locations on the world map, we will need actual latitude and longitude of the store. We can use the inbuilt geo co-ordinate lookup to perform this operation. From the drop-down menu in the newly created city column we will select “Lookup geo coordinates for location”.



This will generate latitude and longitude against all the city names.

We will go ahead and click on Finish button on the bottom right corner and import our data.

Step 3 — Plot your sales number on World Map.


Once the data is imported, we will click on the newly created data source which will take us to the analysis page. We will select the chart type as the map from the chart dropdown. From chart option panel on the right, we will select the map type as a pie chart.

From the left panel, we will drag and drop latitude and longitude columns in the top bar. This will plot the values on the map. We will go ahead and drag sales amount and product category on to “SIZE” and “GROUP BY” fields on the bottom left panel.



This will show us the detailed map marked with store locations. The size of the circles and numbers in them shows us the total sales and the different colors of the pie depicting sales for each product category in the given region. You can zoom into any of these locations to get a more granular view of the data.

Try it out on your own data by registering for a trial. Click here: