Visualizing Modi Foreign Visits Data

Visualization of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foreign visits from the time he took charge as the Prime Minister of India.

A simple quick activity of visualizing the data to come up with a dashboard summarizing all of Narendra Modi’s 35 foreign tours till Jan 2015 on Ideata Analytics Platform .

We collected the information from documents and facts available on different website and reconciled in to an excel sheet.

Uploading the excel sheet was an easy task — After choosing excel as my datasource, I just have to choose my excel file and click on upload which gives me preview of my data present in the sheer. I did some quick fixes using the wrangling interface and then created some wonderful visualizations as below.

  • Number of Modi’s country visits per month 

This chart shows the number of countries per month visisted by Modi. It shows that on an average he visited 2–3 countries per month in his tenure. The highest number of visits was in July -2015 when he visited around 6 nations in a single month

  • Country Visited

He almost visited countries in all the 5 major continents with major focus on countries in Asia.

  • Days spent in each country

To get in to more depth we also calculated and plotted the number of days which modi spent in each visit in any country. His longest stay was in USA which is a 7 days trip. He also spent 4 days in USA in one of earlier trips which makes it a total of 11 days in USA.


  • Reason of Modi’s Visit

From all his trips, around 67.6% of them are state visits. For 18.9% of time he visited the country to attend confrences like BRICS, G20, SAARC etc.

  • Total Budget of the trips

We do not have all the data, we plotted the amount of money spent on his visits for which we have the information. The actual value of these 16 foreign trips has been calculated to Rs 37.22 crore, among which the US and Australia have been the most expensive ones, amounting to about 40 per cent of the total expenditure.

  • Agreement signed and Speeches given

To take a more 360 degree view of things, we added in information on speeches given by Mr. Modi (excluding media interactions) and agreements signed (not including joint statements) on each visit.

We can indeed call Modi a frequent flyer.